Our gym is in a temporary space and we are limited to some equipment and class time options we usually have access to. Our current pricing reflects this interim situation. Once we are in our more permanent space and have our larger space, more class options, and access to all of our equipment, prices will change to reflect the added value.

In the meantime, join us and still get a great workout in!



Our unlimited monthly membership includes unlimited membership to our Daily Workouts (listed as CFCA Classic). If you are new to our gym, members must complete a Foundations Course before being able to sign up for a monthly membership.

Punch Pass


Past members, or individuals who have completed their Foundations Course are eligible to purchase a punch pass. Valid for 3 months.


P Ladies Night.jpg

This course includes THREE 1:1 training sessions with Coach Kara to learn and become familiar with the movements and equipment we use. Members will learn how to use the equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, rowing machines, assault bikes, and become familiar with movement patterns we use most often. Not only is this course necessary to ensure the safety of new members, but it increases the confidence of new members joining our gym to be able to join any class and feel comfortable. 

Drop In


Weekly Drop In: These are available to any previous members of our gym or experienced members of others gyms who have already trained in a HIIT style gym and have experience with our movements and equipment. 

Saturday TEAM Drop In: Open to anyone who wants to try a Saturday Class and sample what our gym in like. Waiver required.


Please schedule your Drop In, click to continue!