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Please join us in welcoming Coach Meredith to our team of rockstar CFCA coaches! Not only is Meredith a previous winner of our Member of the Month, she has also been leading our Fit Express classes for the last few months.

BREAKING NEWS: Meredith just passed her CrossFit Level 1 certification! You will most likely see Meredith shadowing our coaching staff and learning the ropes. Especially how to construct the perfect CFCA playlist! We all know that is the secret to a good class. In addition to joining our staff of superstars, you can find Meredith at TreeTop Yoga teaching Pilates. We are so excited to have he as part of our team. Congrats, Meredith!

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before you found CrossFit?

My fitness background before CrossFit was a lot of Pilates and Barre. I also really like the TRX, I still love all of that and CrossFit has been a great addition.

How did you get into CrossFit?

Kara! When Chris and Kara took over the gym, they talked about how awesome CrossFit is and that made me want to try it out.

What were your goals after joining CFCA?

My goals were and still are to continue pushing myself - whether that’s to lift heavy, run longer distances, or coming to more classes.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one piece of music would you bring with you?

That’s so hard! Maybe Pixies album Doolittle

Favorite outdoor activities?

Swimming at the quarries

Favorite Superhero?


Best part about being a Coach?

I really enjoy getting to know everyone who comes to my classes and being able to help motivate them during their workouts.

Most inspirational person in your life?

I’m so inspired by all the women in my life right now, I’m really lucky to be surrounded by accomplished women who inspire and encourage me.

Something members might not know about you?

I love history - especially World War II. I’m reading “The Power of Words” by Winston Churchill and it’s so fascinating.

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