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The long summer days, endless sunshine and warm weather is a thing of the past. Sad face. However, our rad members continue to impress us with their efforts outside of the gym. Getting outside this time of year is easy. The leaves are changing and so are some of the activities! We are very fortunate to have access to some of the most beautiful locations around.

Sweeney Park Fall Classic

Leave it up to Coach Mark to organize such a fun event! It's no secret that Mark, Chris and Ambie are very active on the North Shore Pickleball scene. Current members, past members (don't worry, we still love you) kids and friends gathered for the first ever Sweeney Park Fall Classic earlier this month! Much to Coach Ambie's chagrin Coach Chris and his partner, Ryan, brought home the hardware. Congrats!

Catch up with Coach Mark if you have any interest in being part of this exclusive club!

What OTG stuff have you been up to? Let us know! Consistency and progress in the gym always helps with your life outside of the gym. See you at CFCA!

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