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Whitney is the epitome of a goal crusher! In case you missed it, she's run a marathon, Rx'd Murph, mastered double unders and so much more. Our coaching staff is thrilled to recognize her as our June Member of the Month! A staple at our Ladies Night classes, she is truly what CFCA stands for - in and out of the gym! Congratulations, Whitney! #CFCA4LIFE

What’s your favorite achievement since becoming a member of CFCA?

Finding my way back to being in peak (for me) physical condition after IVF, a baby, COVID madness etc. Life got pretty nuts there for awhile and it wasn’t possible to prioritize strenuously moving my body or focusing on physical goals. But in the last 18 months I’ve been able to shift back to that stuff and check off some big accomplishments, which in itself is an accomplishment! What was your first concert?

When we were kids my parents took my brother and I to Eric Clapton and to The Eagles (not sure which was first). The first concert I actively chose to go to on my own was PJ & Duncan, a (very white) British rap duo who were big in England in the early 1990s. My parents clearly had much better taste, though I would have argued otherwise at the time. What is your favorite lift?

Split Jerk. Favorite WOD and least favorite WOD?

I love Chippers. There’s something so satisfying about working your way through a list and not having to go back. There’s one called The Don which is especially grueling, in a good way. Least favorite is probably Karen. 150 wall balls is entirely too many wall balls. What is your current, favorite workout song that gets you going?

Anything by GRiZ, and “Swing” by Soulja Boy is one I often crank for the last half mile of a run. Talk to us about setting goals... Oh boy. People keep asking me how I do this whole long term goal thing. And it sounds like a cop out, but I think it’s just how my brain works. That said, if I’m being self-aware (which I strive to be) I’d say it’s a combination of 3 things: 1. I love proving people wrong. 2. I have a overdeveloped fear of public failure. Not doing the thing I said I was going to do feels worse than doing whatever the thing is, even if the thing is running 26 miles or doing an ungodly number of push ups. 3. I love the attention that comes with success. Give this girl a spotlight! What is your favorite thing about the CFCA community?

For me it’s the ladies. The dudes are great too (I’m literally married to one), but I love how supportive and connected our tribe of women is. I’ve never been someone who has a ton of female friends, so finding that in my thirties has been an incredible gift. What advice would you give new members?

Just come when you can and do what you can. There have been seasons in my life when I’ve been at the gym 6x a week, and times where I can come once a month. There have been times when I’ve RX’d most workouts and times when I’ve modified everything to an almost unrecognizable degree. Don’t skip the one time a month you can come, just because that’s the only time a month you can come. Don’t stay home because you’ll have to modify. Some is better than none! Oh, and buy yourself a speed rope if you want to nail double unders.

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