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Sonja! Where should we start?! She is the pillar of consistency and it's no secret that CFCA is a family affair for the Merz crew. Sonja's name is a staple in the Committed Club. Month by month, the CFCA Coaching Staff has seen her show up, work hard and try new things. She is the epitome of coachable and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for her! Congrats, Sonja! Welcome to the MOTM Club. You deserve it!

What's your favorite achievement since becoming a member of CFCA? I'm pretty psyched that I can now do double unders!

What was your first concert?

10,000 Maniacs (I was a long time ago!)

What is your favorite lift?

Back Squat

Favorite WOD?

I like EMOM workouts, mainly because I *cannot* count reps...8, 9, 10, 14, 9, am I done yet?

Least favorite WOD?

Any workout that says "30 burpees in a row". I'm good with approximately 6 burpees, thank you!

What is your current, favorite workout song that gets you going?

Mr. Brightside from The Killers

What is your favorite thing about the CFCA community?

It's a really positive space in my life. CFCA members are always moving forward toward something. Almost every week someone is achieving a goal, whether it's a PR lift or an out of gym race/hike/row there is always something to celebrate. It's really inspiring!

What advice would you give new members?

The best parts for me are the coaching and the variety. It's never the same two days in a row. Just show up, don't think about it, listen to the coach and you will feel great at the end!

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Evelyn M
Evelyn M

Best MoM ever!!

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