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New In-the-Gym-Mask-Mandate Effective Sunday 12/13

As you may have heard, Governor Baker announced that Massachusetts will be instituting some new COVID restrictions starting Sunday.

This means that all our members and coaches will need to wear masks for the entirety of their time in the gym, even when working out. Yes, it’s a huge bummer. No, we don’t have a choice.

Here’s what we’ll be doing to make it suck less:

1. The Daily workouts will focus more on strength and mobility, and less on cardio because serious heavy breathing in a mask sounds… not fun.

2. We’ll be doing an “Outside the Gym Cardio Challenge” to see how many minutes of outside the gym cardio we can accumulate between all active members while this in the gym mask mandate is in place. There will be a prize for the member who logs the most out of the gym cardio minutes between Sunday and whenever the in the gym mask mandate is lifted. Stay tuned for more information!

3. We’ll be sending out 3 bonus body-weight workouts exclusively to our members each week so you can get your sweat on at home un-masked if that’s your jam!

If you have any questions about this mandate or concerns about your membership during this time, please reach out. We’re hopeful that this bummer of a situation will only last a few weeks and, as always we’ll continue to adapt to make sure our members stay happy and safe. Don’t forget you can always register for Zoom classes!

Thanks for continuing to be the best community out there!

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