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October OutsideTheGym Highlights

We train in the gym so we can do awesome stuff outside of the gym.

We had a lot of members and coaches do some pretty epic Outside the Gym activities last month.

Coach Chris and Mike Lupo, trained together, raised money for Addison Gilbert Hospital and ran the Boston Marathon. Both had impressive finishes (even with mid race knee pain from Mike) and represented CFCA and Gloucester with pride! Congrats on running such a great race boys!

Whitney Connolly ran in the Chicago Marathon. She trained all summer and raised money for the Every Mother Counts charity fund. She was able to do several training runs leading up to the race with a lot of our gym members here on Cape Ann, bridging the gap from Mass to ChiTown! Amazing work Whitney!

Coach Mel hiked the Grand Canyon in a Rim to Rim adventure with Alex and Emily. Hiking and camping along some of the most stunning scenery in the country. They hiked over 27 miles! Definitely a hike of a lifetime! Incredible!

What are your OTG plans for the coming months? We would love to hear about them!

Get outside, do cool stuff.

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