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Outside the Gym Cardio Challenge

Active Members Exclusive!

Outside the Gym Cardio Challenge & Bonus Bodyweight Workouts

Who: All active CFCA members. What: Cardio challenge! Accumulate as many minutes of cardio activity as you can. Your minutes can be anything that elevates your heartrate – a brisk walk, a run, time on the stationary bike, burpees in your living room while watching holiday movies. Anything that makes you get a little (or very) out of breath. Where: Anywhere that’s not at the gym! When: From Monday 12/14 until the Governor lifts the mandate for masks while working out. Why: Because cardio is IMPORTANT, but for now The Daily will be scaling back a little on anything that gets you breathing super heavily. Also, because there’s a PRIZE for the member who logs the most minutes! One free month of Unlimited membership! How: Keep track of your minutes and each Sunday email them to with the subject line “Cardio Challenge”. Honor system is key here. No fudging your numbers or karma will getcha!  Let’s see if we can get 6,000 minutes logged as a community each week! Ok, go get ‘em!

ACTIVE members will receive 3 bodyweight workouts that might inspire you to log some minutes - CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

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