Outside the Gym Cardio Challenge

Active Members Exclusive!

Outside the Gym Cardio Challenge & Bonus Bodyweight Workouts

Who: All active CFCA members. What: Cardio challenge! Accumulate as many minutes of cardio activity as you can. Your minutes can be anything that elevates your heartrate – a brisk walk, a run, time on the stationary bike, burpees in your living room while watching holiday movies. Anything that makes you get a little (or very) out of breath. Where: Anywhere that’s not at the gym! When: From Monday 12/14 until the Governor lifts the mandate for masks while working out. Why: Because cardio is IMPORTANT, but for now The Daily will be scaling back a little on anything that gets you breathing super heavily. Also, because there’s a PRIZE for the member who logs the most minutes! One free month of Unlimited membership! How: Keep track of your minutes and each Sunday email them to info@cfcapeann.com with the subject line “Cardio Challenge”. Honor system is key here. No fudging your numbers or karma will getcha!  Let’s see if we can get 6,000 minutes logged as a community each week! Ok, go get ‘em!

ACTIVE members will receive 3 bodyweight workouts that might inspire you to log some minutes - CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

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