Workouts for 3/29 - 4/4

Monday 3/29

20MIN for Quality

30-50 Strict Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

*Every 2 minutes starting at 0:00 do 6 reps of a “Press” movement from the list below:

*DB/KB Bench Press (Box or Glute Bridge (from floor)

*Push-ups (ADV: Handstand Push-ups)

*Ring/Bar Dips

*Rest Intuitively throughout*

**alternate press movements each 2 mins*


10 - 1

DB Thrusters

1 - 10


Tuesday 3/30


5-10 Single Arm Push Press (R)

2 Reverse TGU (R)

5-10 Single Arm Push Press (L) 2 reverse TGU (L)

*reverse TGU means at the top of that last Push Press will be the start of the TGU. Go down to floor (DB/KB overhead) and then return to standing will be 1. Repeat for the second rep etc.



5 Single Arm Front Squats (R)

5 Single Arm Front Squats (L) 15 KB Swings

50 Double Unders > 100 Single Unders


Core Circuit - coaches choice

Wednesday 3/31