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Week of 6/28-7/5

Wednesday 7/1

Warm up: 400m Run Dynamic

EMOM24 Even: 5-8 DB/KB Thrusters Odd: 5-8 Pull ups or Bent Rows


6 minute Core Work

Thursday 7/2 Warm Up: 1 MIN Jump Rope or Line Hops 4-1 Broad Jump to reverse lunges back Push-Ups Bootstrappers with 3 second hold at the bottom 1 MIN Jump Rope or Line Hops

Then: AMRAP5 x 4 *1 MIN Rest between rounds* 12 DB/KB Hang Cleans 9 DB/KB Front Squats 3 DB/KB Shoulder to Overhead In remaining time complete as many Double Unders > Single Unders or Burpees as possible. If doing single side do 12, 10, 8 rep scheme and split the reps per side (6/6 HCs, 5/5 FS and 4/4 S2OH)

Then 5 MIN Yoga Flow Stretching Friday 7/3 Warm Up: 200m Run or 1MIN Jump Rope 2 Rounds: 10 Single Leg Deadlift (5r/5l) 10 KB Swings 10 Air Squats 200m Run or 1MIN Jump Rope

Then: EMOM12 Even: 8-10 Suitcase Deadlift (2 KBs)>Sumo Deadlift (1 KB) Odds: 10 Plank UPS or :30 Plank Hold

Then: AMRAP12 100-75-50 Double Unders > Single Unders 21-15-9 Burpees + KB Swings Saturday 7/4 Happy Independence Day! No Classes, Enjoy the Outdoors!

Running Club 7AM Haskell Pond Sunday 7/5 20 minutes DB/KB Ascending Ladder Complex: Deadlift Clean Front Squat Push Press Bent Row *Can do this single side or double.


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