Workouts for 6/14 - 6/20

Monday 6/14

“Fight Gone Kettlebell”

3 rounds of:

As Many Reps As Possible

1MIN @ Each Station

KB Headcutter

KB Snatch or Single Arm Swing (alternate sides as needed)

Goblet Step Up

KB Single Arm Push Press (alternate sides as needed)

Ski/Row/AD (Calories)

Rest 1 Minute

Notes: Move to the next station immediately into the next minute. 1 point is given for each rep (or calorie). Score is the total reps from each round.



:20 Push-Ups :40 Rest (Or Plank the rest of the minute)


Core Circuit - Coaches Choices

Tuesday 6/15

Option 1:

12 MIN to Work up to a Heavy Set of 3 Weighted Chin-ups

Option 2:


EVENS: Pick 1 of the following:

• 3-5 Weighted Chin-Ups

• Max Reps @ BW

• 5-10 Hard Ring Rows

ODDS: Rest


3 Rounds NFT

10 Gorilla Rows > Bent Rows (5/5)

10 See Saw Press (5/5)

10 Suitcase KB Deadlifts


Core - Coaches Choice

Wednesday 6/16

Bench-Press/Floor Press


*Rest 1:1 with a partner

*Athletes can share benches/bars if they are comfortable. If they are not comfortable they can complete a floor press with DBs/KBs.


50 Sit-ups

Directly into….


Box Jump

Kettlebell Swings

Directly into:

50 Sit-ups

Thursday 6/17

EMOM x 15 Minutes

Min 1: 12-15 Goblet Split Squat (R)

Min 2: 12-15 Goblet Split Squat (L)

Min 3: 20 KB Swings

Min 4: Accumulate Max Plank Bird Dogs

(MOD to do this on knees)

Min 5: Rest


Death by DB Squat Cleans

2 Reps @ MIN1

4 Reps @ MIN2

6 Reps @ MIN3

8 Reps @ MIN4

10 ……..until you cannot complete all the reps in the minute.


Banded Floor Stretches

Friday 6/18


10 Power Cleans > Hang Cleans

Max Burpees in remaining time



15 Power Cleans > Hang Cleans

Max Cals in remaining time