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Workouts for 7/27 - 8/2

Monday 7/27

10MIN Max Renegade Manmakers (with squat)

Goal is to get as many manmakers in the time allotted. Consider breaking these up in sets to keep fresh.



3 Rounds For Completion:

30 Single Arm Push Press (15/15)

15 Box Jumps > 20 Step-Ups (Option to add weight)

30 KB Swings

15 Box Jumps > 20 Step-Ups (Option to add weight)

Tuesday 7/28


MIN1: 5 Front Squats > 10 Goblet Squats

MIN2: 30 Double Unders > 60 Single Unders

If using a BB then the weight needs to be cleaned from the floor. Front Squats can also be done with KBs and DBs here too. Feel free to ascend in weight as you go through.



20/15 Cals 

10 Front Racked Lunges

20 KB Swings

Pick a weight(s) that will have you moving steadily through.

Wednesday 7/29

15 MINS for Quality

3-5 Sets

5 Deadlifts

*Ascend in Weight to heavy set of 5

BB or KBs work best here. Ask a coach to help figure out where to start.



15/10 Cals

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Press

BB, KBs, DBs are all good choices for Part 2. Pick a weight(s) that will have you moving steadily through this one.

Thursday 7/30

CORE Focused Day!


12 Alternating V-Ups (6/6)

12 Weighted Sit-Ups

100M Farmer Carry (2nd TP)

16 Alternating V-Ups (8/8)

16 Weighted Sit-Ups

100M Farmer Carry

20 Alternating V-Ups (10/10)

20 Weighted Sit-Ups

100M Farmer Carry 

*add 4 reps each round until time is up 

*Leave your weights out by the garage door, continue to use them throughout the workout and follow the running “one-way” route to get back into the gym (masked at the top of the stairs) back to your station. On the last FC left in the time allotted, bring your equipment back into the gym via the same running “one-way” route and back to your station.


Tabata x 2 

 *4 Minutes* for each movement 

(:20 work / :10 rest) 

2 Push-Up into Plank Hold

10 Flutterkicks into Hollow Hold

Friday 7/31

For Completion:

1Mile Run**

100 Burpees

100 Air Squats

*Partition reps as desired*

**It’s possible the sidewalk will have fresh cement and/or roped off by our back door re-entry. If that’s the case, sub 1600m on the rower or 160 cals on the AD!

Partition example: Mile Run, 10 Rounds of 10 Burpees & 10 Air Squats.

Saturday 8/1

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice 

Sunday 8/2

7AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice 

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