Workouts for 8/10 - 8/16

Monday 8/10

5 Rounds 

10 inchworm to plank & back to Sumo KB Deadlift 

20 Goblet Lunges in place (10/10)

30 KB Swings


**Rest 1 Min between rounds* 

*choose 1 KB for this workout and try not to put KB down between the goblet lunges and swings. #gripwork 


DB/KB Midline/Core Work

2 Rounds 

:45 on / :15 off 

TGU Sit-Up (R)

OH Hold (R)

Russian Twist 

Tea Pots (R)

*switch sides round 2*

Tuesday 8/11

15MINS for Quality

5 sets  x 3 reps 

Front Squats

Work to a heavy set of 3 or dial it back and just work on form. BB/DB/KB all great options here. You can even do goblet squats as well. 


3 Rounds 

*pick 1 cardio element* 

500m Row/Ski (only stations 3 & 4 by back wall) or 50 cals AD 

5 Front Squats (60-70% of last heavy set of 3)