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Workouts for 8/2 - 8/8

Monday 8/2

20MIN Repeating Ladder


Hang Power Cleans (DB/KB, etc.)

Scotty Bobs x 2 (Push-Up Row + Row)




5 Burpee Pops

10 Air Squats

20 DUs/40 SUs

(Burpee pop: get in plank position then jump knees towards elbows (think donkey kick-esqis) and back to plank. Jump legs back to hands and then stand (no jump at end)

Tuesday 8/3


400m Run/Row/Ski or 2MIN AD

Max Consecutive Wall Balls

300m Run/Row/Ski or 1:30MIN AD

Max Consecutive KB Swings

200m Run/Row/Ski or 1MIN AD

Max Plank Hold


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

Wednesday 8/4

CF Total + Real Deal

20MIN for each to work up to 1RM

Back Squat

Strict Press


Today we are going for a 1 rep max or a heavy 1 rep of each lift by the time limit on each. At the end of the all three lifts, add the total amount of weight and divide it by your body weight. That is your pound for pound (#/#) number. Weight lifted vs. your body weight aka the Real Deal number.

Thursday 8/5

With a Partner


P1: 1 Length Sled Pull + 1 length Sled Push (pacer)


5 Devil’s Press

10 Front Rack Lunges (5/5)

15 Box Jumps

*pick up where partner left off*


10MIN Core Dice Roll

1: 50 Partner Medicine Ball Sit-ups

2: 100 Plate V-ups Pacer: OH Plate Hold

3: 50 Partner Leg Throw Downs

4: 75 Seated Leg Raises Pacer: Hollow Hold

5: 50 Plank Drags (R + L = 1) Pacer: Superman hold

6: 50 Plate Sit-Ups Pacer: Plank Hold

7: 50 Medicine Ball Clean to Wall Ball toss to partner

8: your choice

Friday 8/6

Hill Loop

5 Rounds Complex

Hill Loop

5 Rounds Complex

Hill Loop

5 Rounds Complex


5 Deadlifts

4 Hang Cleans

3 Push Press

Saturday 8/7

9AM - Coaches Choice

Sunday 8/9


Max Hold Sloshpipe



200 DUs > 400 SUs

100 Burpees

Then with remaining time accumulate

As many calories as possible on any


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