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Workouts for 9/27 - 10/3

Monday 9/27

30 Min Ascending/ Repeating Ladder 1-4


Hang Clean

Front Squat

Shoulder to OH

Bent Row

Players Choice of equipment. Lot’s of options. Go through the movements in an ascending ladder format. Round 1 = 1 DL to 1HC to 1FS to S2O to 1BR. Round 2 would be 2DL’s to 2 HC to 2FS etc… add 1 rep each additional round. Once you get through round 4, increase the load and start back at 1. If you find a weight that you are not comfortable going beyond, stay there. Start very conservative to give yourself time to warm up to the movements and progress intuitively from there.

Tuesday 9/28

With a Partner

50 Renegade Man Makers

P1: 400m

P2: 4 RMM + 4 Burpee Pull-Ups

*P1 will pick up where P2 leaves off*



3-5 Rounds

10 Hanging Knee Raises > MedBall Plank tuck

Max Ring Support, Tuck or Ring Plank Hold

Wednesday 9/29

For Time:


Hang Power Clean


*No more than 95/65# on BB


With a Partner:

10 Laps Sandbag Drags (5 each)

Thursday 9/30

E6MIN18 (3 Rounds)

20 Push Press

20 Back Rack Step Ups*

200 Meter Run

*If you are using a BB you must be able to safely place the bar behind the neck for these step-ups. The weight should be on the lighter side considering the volume*



10 Alt Snatches (5/5) AHASP

10 Box Jumps (High for you)


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

Friday 10/1

Option 1:

12 MIN to Work up to a Heavy Set of 3 Weighted Chin-ups

Option 2:


EVENS: Pick 1 of the following:

• 3-5 Weighted Chin-Ups

• Max Reps @ BW

• 5-10 Hard Ring Rows

ODDS: Rest


3 Rounds NFT

10 Gorilla Rows > Bent Rows (5/5)

10 See Saw Press (5/5)

10 Suitcase KB Deadlifts


Core - Coaches Choice

Saturday 10/2

9AM - Coaches Choice

Sunday 10/3

Coaches Choice

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