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The CFCA Spirit Award was created a long, long time ago by the OG owners, Jon and Karen Conant. The annual Award - which was renamed the Conant Spirit Award - is given out to a CFCA member who best exemplifies what the gym is all about. The criteria is simple: be a team player, be coachable, smile, have fun and train inside the gym so you can enjoy your life outside the gym.

It's no secret that we have the BEST community around so picking a winner every year can be extremely tricky. But not this year. We knew Mary was special when she showed up on Sargent Street. Even though the gym was moving locations, she just kept showing up. It was like she had been a member all along. She jumped into CrossFit with both feet. Mary's consistency and dedication to her health and fitness is just one of the many reasons why she is the 2022 winner of the Conant Spirit Award!

If you are looking for someone to push you during a workout, Mary is your girl. If running is your thing, hit her up. How about hiking? She is crossing of the 4,000 footers of NH for fun. Mary is constantly pushing herself inside and outside of the gym. Congrats, Mary! 1,000 burpees for you!

Who is it going to be next year? We challenge you to live your best life inside and outside of CFCA!

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