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Featured Member Spotlight - BRIAN BARRY

Name: Brian Barry        Occupation outside of being a CFCA superstar: Advocate for the compost toilet. 

Hometown: Victor, NY

Favorite type of workout music: Anything but those 80’s movie soundtracks.  I’m still waiting for the Grateful Dead/Phish/Allmans playlist.

Favorite movement/exercise? All things overhead and the ski machine Which class do you usually attend? 8/8:30 MWF Do you prefer indoor or outdoor? Indoor How did you find out about CFCA? Can’t recall. Maybe Good Morning Gloucester? Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? I swam competitively from age 8 through college.  In upstate NY you do all your smoking in cornfields or someone’s barn – at least that’s what I’m told. How has CFCA changed your life outside of the gym? I can finally climb a rope! How do you stay motivated? Black coffee throughout my workouts and reminding myself of the days earlier this year when we couldn’t go to the gym. What are your goals? Are you working/training for something big? Swim Misery Island again next summer.   How have you been keeping busy? Tell us about your hobbies! I am married, have a job and two teenage daughters; other than that I like to fish. What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA? I know it’s cliché but the community. I’ve never been around a more eclectic group of people in my life. And the ski machine. Favorite CFCA memory? Toss up between getting a black eye during the warm up of my very first CFCA workout (thanks Jeff Muise) and learning I won this award before Billy Baker. Any tips for the new members? Just keep showing up.

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Bob O'Brien
Bob O'Brien
Nov 18, 2020



Congratulations Brian!!!

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