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Please see PDF for IMPORTANT information about CFCA reopening. Even if you don’t plan to go to indoor classes, there is important information that may pertain to you. Please read it.

Highlights include:

  • You MUST sign up for ALL classes - for indoor classes you must sign up 12 hours in advance.

  • You will be charged a fee for no-shows (both at indoor and outdoor classes).

  • It is IMPERATIVE that you are never late to indoor classes. The coach cannot start the class until everyone is signed in and you will make everyone wait for you.

  • Plan to wear your mask at the gym except during the actual workout.

  • Please read ALL the indoor workout rules before your first indoor class.

  • Outdoor workouts that are rained out will not be moved indoors. They will be available on Zoom only.

  • Saturday Team class is in person and outdoors only. There is no indoor or Zoom team.

  • We are accepting new members! They can drop in to outdoor classes or sign up for a full membership to attend indoor classes. Please help us spread the word!

More than anything, we ask you to be patient. Patient with me and Jaime. Patient with the coaches. Patient with each other. This is all uncharted water and we’re doing the best very we can to make everything run smoothly but we will ALL make mistakes. Be gentle with each other. If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know!

Thanks and see you soon!

Whitney & Jaime

CFCA Reopening Important Info
Download PDF • 172KB

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