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Congratulations to Deb Gaudreau for being nominated for our Member of the Month! The nominating coach said: "Deb always has a great attitude and works hard." The perfect recipe for making coming to the gym the best hour of your day. Deb also recently adopted a new puppy from Cape Ann Animal Aid and we HAD to include a picture of her new little pup!

We asked Deb some get to know you questions!

What’s your favorite achievement since becoming a member of CFCA?

My favorite achievement at CFCA was learning the rope climb. I could never do one growing up and it’s one my favorite memories. Looking forward to getting back on the ropes!

What was your first concert?

My first concert was Aerosmith in 1993. I was 10 years old and felt like a total badass going to a rock show. With my mom of course!

What is your favorite lift?

My favorite lift is the hang clean! I had never done those before CFCA and I’m always pumped to see them in the workout.

What is your current, favorite workout song that gets you going?

Current favorite workout song is Move Your Body by Sia. Can’t sit still when that song is on!

Thanks Deb for your smile and hard work in the gym!

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