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Congratulations to Seamus Harreys, our MEMBER OF THE MONTH! You've all see his witty t-shirts and infectious smile around the gym, Now it's time to recognize him for the dedicated athlete he is. You can often find Seamus at the AM (or PM!) classes or both! Seamus has been super consistent and it shows! He has been crushing the committed club with the goal of having a kick-ass life outside the gym. Read on for a little bit more about Seamus. Congrats! #cfca4life

What’s your favorite achievement since becoming a member of CFCA?

The overall wholistic progress I’ve made since I joined in April 2021—lost 25 lbs so far, aerobic endurance increased, strong each month—all due to the coaching team’s advice and support from the CFCA community.

What was your first concert?

The first concert was the Grateful Dead when I was 6 (I won’t say which year). The first concert I bought tickets to was Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs.

What is your favorite lift?

My current favorite is the bench-press (because I’ve made some progress lately), but it will likely shift as my squat and deadlift come back.

Favorite WOD and least favorite WOD?

My two favorite WODS that I have a goal of “Rx-ing” at some point are 1) The Bear Complex and 2) the Hero WOD Murph. Right now, any WOD with lots of Burpees as I can’t quite do them yet due to injury—and never my fav when I could!

What is your current, favorite workout song that gets you going?

Black Sheep by Dorothy or Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva. Also, almost anything by AC/DC.

What thing about the CFCA Community?

The welcoming spirit of the CFCA community. Some of us have the luxury/pain of working from home all day. There are days that the first people I see “in real life” (i.e., not on Zoom) are in the afternoon class—incredible to be greeted by friendly faces and “hello, how are you?” and maybe a little commiserating after a long stressful workday.

What advice would you give to new members?

Learn—ask questions, observe, and try—the most important thing is getting better each time, learning how to do the exercise forms correctly, and pushing yourself beyond what you did last time. It’s not about being the best at everything but getting better through your efforts, listening to the coaches’ advice, and the support from the CFCA community.

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