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Name: Gabriela and Corey Debenedictis

Nickname: Gaby and Corey Occupation outside of being a CFCA superstar: Gaby: Real Estate Agent Corey: Owner of Commercial Carpet Concepts company and Real Estate Investor We are parents of two beautiful kids: Mariana 12 years old and Mario 10 years old. Hometown:  Corey: Manchester by the Sea Gaby: Santa Cruz Bolivia

Favorite type of workout music:  Corey: Dance techno/trance or heavy metal

Gaby: Dance techno/trance or R&B/hip hop English/Spanish mix Favorite movement/exercise while stuck at home:

Corey: Snatch and plank Gaby: Squat clean and press Which class do you usually attend? Before Covid - Nooners and Afternoons Now - Any Outdoor classes offered! How did you find out about CFCA?  Always heard about it and sounded cool!  Then our friend Gina Briguglio invited us to a Saturday class. Corey was the first one to join and then Gaby came on board. Gaby was a little bit more intimidated for the workouts.  Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? Corey: Soccer, Tennis, Baseball Gaby: Soccer How has CFCA changed your life outside of the gym? Corey: More motivated in everyday life! Gaby: Makes me feel more stronger mentally( relieving stress) and physically in everyday activities. Also the interaction with other people is amazing and motivated me to try different outdoor activities. How are you staying motivated? We motivate each other to make sure we get to the workouts as much as possible. Friends/members of CFCA also keep us accountable. During the lockdown, it was nice to know that there was a zoom class schedule available.  Pros/Cons working out with your husband/wife?  Pros: We both look good for each other! It's so fun to show up together to do the workouts. We can talk about what we accomplished and how great it was! Cons: We usually have to leave our kids alone at home to go together to the workouts.   Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through CFCA?  Corey:  This year my goal is to look like I have been working out for the past two years straight, definitely getting there! Gaby: For this year my goal is to get my upper body stronger and in general keep losing fat and gaining more muscle. How have you been keeping busy? Tell us about your hobbies!   Thank God our kids kept us busy!  Gaby: I like to paint in acrylic and pastels. Also cook and try different recipes.  Corey: I like to do cartoon style drawings  We both enjoy doing seasonal outdoor activities as a family. What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?  We both love how people of all ages get together and inspire each other to have a healthy and active lifestyle! This definitely inspires us to want to do something to live a longer life by having an active/healthy life, enjoying at it's max and having fun no matter what and not matter of your age. We also love when there is a challenge of the month, this really pushes us to do a little bit more than just the planned class. It is awesome to see that part of the mission of CFCA is to be a community that supports you and inspires you to have a healthy and active life, more than focusing on competitive performance. What do you miss most about CFCA?  We both miss the barbel classes, rope climbing and lifting weights. Favorite CFCA memory? Gaby: the first time I was able to climb the rope!  Corey: The first time I got a double under! Any tips for the new members?

Don't get intimidated by the hard looking workouts! You will get stronger and over time you will get the technique if you are just consistently showing up to the classes and letting the coaches guide you. Show up to the gym with the attitude to have fun with the class and that will definitely get you through it!

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