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Working hard in the gym to do cool stuff outside the gym!

As always, we had a few members doing some cool stuff outside the gym last month.

Mike Soucy ran a "small" race. A chill 32 miles in sand in Jupiter Florida last month! A 50K! Not only did he trudge through deep sand for 93% of the course, but Mike placed 3rd in the male division. Stellar achievement! If anyone has worked out at the 5:30am class with Mike, you won't be too surprised at this accomplishment! Way to go Mike!

From the warm sands of Florida, to the tops of snowy mountains, Mary Dyan was also busy last month with some OTG activities. She has a goal to hike all 48 four thousand footers in the White Mountains and last month she hiked Mount Galehead (#22) and a few days after the New Year, she hiked Mount Cabot (#23). She also made her way north and did some skiing outside of Quebec City at Le Massif. Very COOL Mary! Excited to see you check off the rest of those 4k-ers!

What OTG stuff have you been up to? We want to hear about it! Consistency and progress in the gym can always mean more activities and cool stuff outside of the gym!

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