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The distinguished coaching staff at CFCA is super excited to recognize Craig as our Member of the Month. We knew the minute Craig walked through to doors at 7 Railroad Avenue that he was meant for CFCA. Not only does he always give it 100% in the gym, he is constantly on the move! Pickleball, skiing, biking. You name it - Craig does it!

Looking for Craig? You can usually find him at the 8AM class. We are also very thankful that Craig has brought along 3/4 of his family! CFCA is a family affair for the Swerdloff's! Congrats to you, Craig! Welcome to the MOTM club! #cfca4life

What's your favorite achievement since becoming a member of CFCA?

Being accepted as part of this community of amazing people, and the friends I've made.

What would be your walk up song?

Hot in Herre by Nelly

What is your favorite lift?

Overhead squats because I'm scared of them.

Favorite WOD and least favorite WOD?

Favorite - Murph

Least favorite - 2K row. (Don't blame you there!)

What is one item you can't live without?

My glasses

What is next on your travel bucket list?

Skydiving with my daughter now that she's 18! (Hi, Riley!)

What is your favorite thing about the CFCA community?

The community and Jill's smile in the morning.

What advice would you give new members?

Introduce yourself and record your workouts.

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