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Name: Brian Weed Nickname: Yes, I’ve heard them all Occupation outside of being a CFCA superstar: Director at Applied Materials

Hometown: Marblehead, MA Favorite type of workout music: Classic rock, but I’m fine with anything if it’s loud. Favorite movement/exercise? Clean & Jerk and Double Unders Which class do you usually attend? I love the Noon class and the occasional morning, but not too early. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor? Indoor How did you find out about CFCA? Parker Street is on my commute to work, so I would sometimes see members running around and out front. I lurked on the website for a while before working up the nerve to join. Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? Sports, sports and more sports. Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse were my HS sports. In college it was boxing. How has CFCA changed your life outside of the gym? CFCA has made me more willing to step outside of my comfort zone. Pushing myself, dealing with failure, staying humble; I can apply these CFCA lessons to lots of areas in my life. How do you stay motivated? I’m motivated to stay healthy for my family. To keep hiking with my wife and to be around for my kids. What are your goals? Are you working/training for something big? My goal is to be consistent, stay healthy and injury free. Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through CFCA? I’ve done over 300 miles on the rowing machine this winter. I spent a lot of that time thinking about the Blackburn Challenge. How have you been keeping busy? Tell us about your hobbies! These days it’s mostly work and grad school. On the weekends you can find me on the local trails. I’m looking forward to music in the future. I play bagpipes in the North Shore Pipe Band and we would normally be getting ready for a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl right about now. I also miss seeing live bands. What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA? The people make CFCA special. Great coaches and great members. People of all ages and abilities showing up to make themselves better, that’s inspiring every time I walk in. Favorite CFCA memory? Individually it’s the first time I did a muscle-up, because I never thought I would be able to do one when I started. My favorite memories though are all the group hero WODs that we would do on the weekends, with everyone grinding through and encouraging each other. I hope we can get back to that soon. Any tips for the new members? Form over weight and leave your ego outside. Trust the coaches.

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