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With the weather starting to heat up, so are our members! One of the super cool things about CFCA is our location! It's the perfect place to get outside and participate in community events. As always, our members continue to crush it OTG!

Saturday, May 14th marked the return of the annual Essex River Race! We had a handful of rad CFCA members who participated including our amazing Gig boat rowers, Monica, Leah, Whitney B., Gina. They took first place in their division. Woot. Congrats! The ERR continues to be a favorite event for our rowing community.

"ERR has always been one of my favorite races, this year was definitely the top though. We've been rowing in sync from the start and that made a huge difference. When we got hot and tired we could rely on that swing to keep us rowing strong and we crushed it! We beat teams in much faster boats that we've never beat before. It was awesome." - Monica Banks

And not to be outdone by his female counterparts, Andrew Metz finished 1st in his division for completing the race in his Surfski. Even though Andrew likes to shy away from the spotlight, his effort was amazing. He was up against a variety of different Surfskis.

"I won my division, Surfski 20 inch+, at 1:00:53 and was 21st overall. Lots of room for improvement but it was fun!"

Another big event took place over this past weekend - The Motif #1 Day 5K race! Gina, Jordana and Karen finished this family-friendly event in Rockport. Way to go Team Fit Moms!

Mike Soucy continues to dominate the off-road racing scene with with another trail race with many miles! Actual number unknown at press time. A shout out to 530AM'er Joe St. Pierre! Not only is he one of the strongest dudes in the gym but he has tackled a few races over the last few weeks. Maybe just for a Bingo square?!

Mary also continues to chip away at her goal to hike all 48 four thousand footers in the White Mountains. Not even a little bit of snow at Cannon Mountain could stop her!

What OTG stuff have you been up to? Let us know! Consistency and progress in the gym can always mean more activities and cool stuff outside of the gym!

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