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Workouts 11/16 - 11/22

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Monday 11/16

Review Movements & Warm up to Working Weight for the Workout. 

(should be the same weight for all barbell movements)

AMRAP3 x 5 (5 Rounds)

5-10 Pull-Ups (Kips ok!)

10 Barbell*

*1MIN Rest (all rest after 3 mins together)

Barbell Work:

Round 1: Deadlifts

Round 2: Hang Power Cleans

Round 3: Front Squats

Round 4: Clean & Jerks

Round 5: Thrusters


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

MODS: Ring Rows can be subbed for pull-ups, DB or KBs can be used for the “barbell” movements

Tuesday 11/17


MIN1: 100m (Run/Row/Ski) > 10 Burpees > 10 Cals AD

MIN2: 20 Renegade Rows > Plank Shoulder Taps

MIN3: :30 Pull-Ups > Ring Rows > DB/KB Bent Rows

MIN4: 10-15 DB/KB Strict Press > Push-Ups

MIN5: :30 DUs > Single Unders or Mimic hops

You should be working around :30 for each including the non-timed movements in order to get rest, so modify in needed.

MODs: Noted above

Wednesday 11/18

6 rounds:

:30 on / :30 off 

Double Under or Double Under Practice



MIN1: 15/10 Cals

MIN2:. 20 Kettlebell swings 

MIN3: 30 DU’s > 90 Singles 


Alternating Tabata: 

Ring Push-ups > Standard Push-ups

Ring plank > Plank

Alternating Tabata: 

Single leg V-ups (alt side each rep)

Hollow hold 

MODS: For Part 1 if you aren't able to jump, you can do :30 of work on a machine / :30 off. For Part 2, the 15/10 Cals are equal to about 1MIN so insert cardio of choice there

Thursday 11/19

30MIN for Quality

TGU for 15MIN

1-3 Repeating Ladder

*rest intuitively

½ Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press for 15MIN

(Also can be done seated on box)

1-3 Repeating Ladder

*rest intuitively 

MODS: DB or KBs can be used. If KB bottoms up presses are too difficult for you, just do standard presses (kneeling)

Friday 11/20 


1 Hang Power Snatch

2 OH Reverse Lunges

3 Cals

*Add 1,2,3 reps each round

(i.e. RD1: 1,2,3 RD2: 2,4,6 …..3,6,9 etc.


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice 

MODs: This can be done with DB/KB and also done single arm as well. Just do the reps on both sides before moving to the next movement (1,1, 2,2, and then 3 Cals etc)

Saturday 11/21

9AM (INDOORS) - Coaches Choice 

Sunday 11/22 



15/10 Cals 

10 DB Snatches 

5 Burpees over the DB


(You must stay in your own POD and have your own equipment!)

1 works / 1 rests 

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