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Workouts for 1/4-1/10

Monday 1/4

For time:

50 DB Snatch (alt sides)

50 Plate Sit-ups

50 DB Single Arm Lunges (total) (OH or Rack)

50 Push ups


4 Rounds NFT

20 Single Leg Curtsy Lunges (10/10)

:30 second Side Plank (Left)

:30 second Side Plank (Right)

Part 1: You can do this as a chipper or you can break this up how you want to get through the work (ex: 5 rounds of 10 reps of each)

Tuesday 1/5

Option 1:

E2MIN20 (10 rounds)

3 Deadlifts

work up to a heavy for the day

Option 2:


5 Deadlifts

10 See Saw Press (5r/5l)




Pull-Ups (Kips ok) > Ring Rows

Wednesday 1/6

20 Mins Repeating Ladder 1-3

Hang Squat Cleans > Hang Cleans

Scotty Bobs x 2 (2-4-6)

*BB/DB work well for the hang cleans. DBs work best for the Scotty Bobs