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Workouts for 10/19 - 10/25

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Monday 10/19


100 DUs / 200 SUs

20 Sit-ups

Max Rep SA DB C&J (alt sides as needed)

*Rest 3 MIN*


50 DB lateral hop overs (over & back = 1) 

20 Russian Twists 

Max SA DB Snatch (alt sides as needed)

*Rest 3 MIN*


400m Run

10 Burpees 

Max SA DB Thruster (alt sides as needed)



Pick 1:

Max Consecutive Wall Balls > Goblet Squats > Air Squats

Max Consecutive Pull-Ups > Ring Rows

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: If you don’t have a jump rope you can mimic jump rope hops or you can sub in 100 Mountain Climbers (R+L =1) for a lower impact alternative. Lateral hop overs can be subbed to lateral line hops, or again mountain climbers can be subbed for these too. For the run, you can sub in any 2 minute cardio element that works for you. 

Tuesday 10/20

3 Rounds 

Hill Loop > 1000m > 100 Cals AD

40 Med Ball Slams 

30 KB Swings 

*Rest 1 MIN between rounds*


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice 

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Hill Loop can be subbed with any cardio element that keeps your heart rate up and steady for about 5MINS. Ball Slams can be modified to Squat Jumps.

Wednesday 10/21

Option 1:

15 MINS for Quality 

Work up to a heavy set of 5 reps of:

Power Cleans > Hang Power Cleans

Shoulder to Overhead

Option 2: 


MIN 1: 5 Power Cleans 

MIN 2: 5 Shoulder to Overhead

MIN 2: Rest

*option to ascend in weight as you go. S2OH will be the limiting factor. 


3 Rounds

10 Power Cleans > Hang Power Cleans 

10 S2OH 

400m Run/Row/Ski 

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: DBs or KBs are a great option here as well. The 400M can be modified to a 2MIN cardio effort of choice.

Thursday 10/22 


Hang Power Snatch 


*100M Farmer Carry after each round 

*40MIN Cap*

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Single side DB snatch & single side thrusters can be done instead. The rep scheme used for that would be: 22-18-16-12-10-6-4

Friday 10/23 


400m Run/Row/Ski

12 Toes to Bar/Rings or Weighted Sit-Ups


Sprint Intervals 

5 x 200M Run/Row/Ski

:30 rest between each sprint 

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Cardio focused day. The 400M can be modified to a 2MIN cardio effort of choice. The 200M effort can be modified to a 1MIN cardio effort of choice.

Saturday 10/24

8AM (INDOORS @ CFCA) - Coaches Choice

Sunday 10/25

30 MINS for Quality 

10 DB/KB Glute Bridge Floor Press 

10 Suitcase Deadlifts

10 Front Squats

10 Push Press 

10 Gorilla Row / Bent Row 

Longer timeframe for quality than normal, with a little more elements involved. Make sure you rest between rounds and pick weights that aren’t gassing you too early in the workout.  This is to work on volume and is not meant for you to go as fast as you can. REST is important here. Form > Weight….always.

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