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Workouts for 10/5 - 10/11

Monday 10/5

Option 1:

15 Minutes to work towards a heavy set of 5 Strict Press.

*Barbell work: You must clean from the floor*

Option 2:


5 Strict Press

BB/DB/KB are all options to use

Option to stay with a static weight or ascend in weight throughout

*If using a BB, you must clean from the floor*



Hang Power Cleans


Directly into


Push Press

KB Swings

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: DB or KBs can be used here. You can use this to do single side work as well.

Tuesday 10/6

AMRAP 20 Mins

DB/KB Snatch

*Every time you rest or switch arms you must do the following

10 KB Pass through Lunges

10 Push-ups

10 cals (row/ski/AD)


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: For the Calories do 1MIN of cardio of choice.

Wednesday 10/7

Solo Dice Roll

35 Min AMRAP

1. 1200m Row – Every 400m do 20 Wallballs

2. 60 Box Jumps - Every 15 Box Jumps do 7 Plate Burpees

3. 80 KB Swings – Every 20 Swings do 5 Pull-Ups or 10 Ring Rows

4. 50 KB Headcutters – Every 10 KB Headcutters do 200m

5. 100 DB/KB Bent Rows - Every 10 Bent Rows do 5-10 Push-Ups

6. 300 Double Unders/600 Single Unders - Every 50 Reps do 10 Double DB/KB Push Press

7. 100 Sit-ups – Every 20 sit-ups do a :30 Hollow Hold

8. Your Choice

Notes: With a 35 min Clock complete as much work as possible. Roll the dice to see what you will complete. Once you have completed that objective roll again etc.. until 35 mins has elapsed.

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise:

If Zooming or Outdoors you could just do this in order from 1…… until the time runs out. Or you can certainly randomly pick a # and start from there.

#1 - If you can map out a 400m (or do 2:30minutes of cardio of choice) sub in goblet or air squats for wall balls

#2 - Step Ups or Lunges + Standard Burpees

#3 - Bent Row can be done in lieu of pull-ups. Do 5-10 reps

#4 - 200m effort is about 1MIN of cardio so insert your favorite cardio choice here for that minute

#6 - If you don’t have a jump rope you can mimic hops here or do jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc.

Thursday 10/8


EVENS: Max Renegade Man Makers

ODDS: Rest



200m Run/Row/Ski

Max Consecutive Double Unders

*Rest 1 Minute*

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise:

200m is about 1MIN so insert any cardio of choice you can do for 1MIN. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can mimic hops and do as many consecutive hops as you can in a row.

Friday 10/9

Movement Review (Drills) and Warm-up to working weight.

30MIN Complex

Ascending Ladder



Hang Clean

Front Squat

Shoulder to Overhead

Bent Row


Rest intuitively to keep the movements clean and form a priority.

MODs for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise:

BB/DB/KBs can be used here.

Saturday 10/10

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice

Sunday 10/11


Lumberjack 20

20 Deadlifts


20 KB Swings


20 Overhead or Front Squats


20 Burpees


20 Box Jumps


20 DB Squat Cleans


MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise:

400m is about 2/2:30MIN effort so insert any cardio of choice you can do for that time. BB/DB and KBs are all good choices here. Sub step-ups for box jumps is needed.

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