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Workouts for 11/23 - 11/29

Monday 11/23

30MINS for Quality

Shoulder to Overhead

(Strict, Push-Press, Push Jerk)

10 Rounds or 15MIN x 2-4 Reps each round

Rest 1-2MINS between sets

Bent Rows

10 Rounds  or 15MIN x 2-4 Reps each round

Rest 1-2MINS between set

*Ascend as you go or stick to a static weight and work on form


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

MODs: DB/KBs can also be used for this workout. 

Tuesday 11/24

E4MIN x 4 

10 Cals

10 Hang Cleans

10 Front Squats

Max Plank Hold in remaining time

*1MIN rest between rounds*


3 Rounds NFT

10 Push-up + Side Plank 

(Alternate between sides each rep (5 on each side)

10 KB/DB Snatch + Windmill

(Alternate between sides each rep (5 on each side)

10 Single Arm Box (or Plank) DB/KB Rows (5/5)

MODs: 10 cals should take about 1MIN. Insert a cardio option of choice here to replace cals if you don’t have a machine. DB/KBS can be used for the Hang Cleans and Front Squats (either 1 or 2) 

Wednesday 11/25 (NO 6PM Class)

10MIN 1-5 Repeating Ladder



*Rest intuitively throughout the 10MIN*




Box Jump Overs

Directly into


KB Swings


MODs: Ring Rows (HARD variation for you) Box Dips or Push-Ups can be done. Deadlifts for part 2 can be done with a KB or two. If you don’t have a box to jump over, either a broad jump or jumping over another object can be subbed here. For the Cals use the framework that 10 cals = 1MIN, 20 = 2MIN, 30 = 3MIN of cardio.

Thursday 11/26 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The Gym is closed today for the holiday. We are THANKFUL for you all!

Friday 11/27 (8:30 & NOON ONLY)

10MIN Max Renegade Manmakers (with squat)

Goal is to get as many manmakers in the time allotted. Consider breaking these up in sets to keep fresh.



3 Rounds For Completion:

30 Single Arm Push Press (15/15)

15 Box Jumps > 20 Step-Ups (Option to add weight)

30 KB Swings

15 Box Jumps > 20 Step-Ups (Option to add weight)

Saturday 11/28

9AM (INDOORS) - Coaches Choice

Sunday 11/29

For Completion 

150 Cals

*Every 3 minutes (starting at the 0:00 min)

6 Alt DB Snatches

9 Push-ups 

12 Air Squats 




Plank Lateral Drags

Plank Jacks

Slow & Controlled Russian Twists

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