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Workouts for 11/30 - 12/6

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Monday 11/30

3 Rounds:

600m (Flat Loop)

3 Rounds “Chief”

1 Round of Chief = 

3 Power Cleans > Hang Cleans 

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats 


Core - Coaches Choice 

MODs: 600m is around 4MINs so insert cardio of choice here. It running outside 2MINs out and 2MINs back. DBs and KBs can be used here too. 

Tuesday 12/1


MIN1 :50 Max Cals

MIN2 :50 DB/KB Front Rack Hold

MIN3 :50 Lunge + Lunge + Air Squat

MIN4 :50 DB/KB Farmer Hold Teapots (alt sides each rep)


5 Rounds

:30 Slow Ring Mountain Climbers (Feet in Rings)

:30 Rest 

:30 Ring Plank 

:30 Rest 

MODs: MIN1, insert cardio of choice here if you don’t have a machine. If no rings for core just do on floor. 

Wednesday 12/2


3 Thrusters

*Work to a heavy set of 3



5-8 Thrusters (working on form + volume so stay more conservative with weight)



10 Thrusters (60-70% of last set)

15 KB Swings

30 DUs > 60 SUs

MODs: DB/KBs can be used here. If you aren’t able to go overhead, you can do goblet squats. 

Thursday 12/3


8 Double KB/DB Clean & Press 

Rest :30 seconds

8 Double KB/DB Push press 

Rest :30 seconds

6 Double KB/DB Clean & Press 

Rest :30 seconds

6 Double KB/DB Push Press 

Rest :30 seconds

4 Double KB/DB Clean & Press 

Rest :30 seconds

4 Double KB/DB Push Press

For the first movement: Clean, then strict press. If you aren’t able to strict press each rep, then drop the weight to something you can do each rep with. 

Friday 12/4


MIN1: 6-12 Glute Bridge Seesaw Press (per side)

MIN2: 8-10 Stand Kneel Stand (BW or Weighted)

*Rest 2 Mins*


MIN1: 4-6 TGU Sit-ups per side

MIN2: 100m Sprint

*Rest 2 Mins*


MIN1: 5-10 Goblet Squats

MIN2: 5-10 Plank Drags

MODs: 100m sprint equals :15 out :15 in

Saturday 12/5


Sunday 12/6


100 Front Rack Lunges 

Every 5MIN (Starting at 0:00 minute mark) complete:


10 Burpee Lateral Jumps

10 DB/KB Snatch 

Then start accumulating reps of:

Front Rack Lunges


Core - Coaches Choice 

MODs: 400m is about 2MINS of cardio. If running 1MIN out and 1MIN back 

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