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Workouts for 12/7 - 12/13

Monday 12/7

4 Rounds (12MIN Cap)

*Strict Pull-Ups

*(Pick # of reps you can repeat & sustain for the 4 RDS)

16 Single Arm DB/KB Strict Press (8/8)

**Rest 1MIN between rounds**


5 Rounds

10 Push-Ups

15 KB Swings

20 Goblet Step-Ups

MODs: Part 1: Ring Rows or Bent Rows can be done in place of Pull-ups.

Part 2: Modify the push-ups to make them work for you, on knees, to a box, hand release, etc. If you don’t have anything to step up to, you can do Goblet Squats instead.

Tuesday 12/8

20 MINS for Quality

Work towards a heavy set of 3 Deadlifts

*Between sets complete 10 weighted glute bridges with plate*

Resting intuitively throughout the 20 MINS


Ascending/Descending Ladder




Burpees over the bar

How it works…..1 DL, 10 Burpees, 2 DL, 9 Burps, etc.

MODs: Burpees can be modified to just Standard Burpees or Plank Burpees versus over an object. This is meant to be FAST so we’ll dial back the weight for part 2 significantly. As always, prioritize form over weight, especially on fast finishers.

Wednesday 12/9

5 Rounds

1MIN @ Each

MIN1: Goblet Lunges

MIN2: Scotty Bobs

MIN3: Plate Burpees

MIN4: Plank Hold

MIN5: Rest

*Pick weights that allow you to move through at least :45/50 of the minute


5MIN cap

50 Single Arm DB/KB Hang Squat Cleans

Every time you put the DB down or switch arms, do 5 Shoulder to Overhead (each arm)

MODs: If you are unable to move fluidly from the clean into a squat do a hang clean + a front squat (so segment the movements).

Thursday 12/10


1 Strict Press


1 Push Press


1 Push Jerk

Increase the weights as you go.


Tabata (:20 on / :10 off)

Row (for max meters calories)

Push Press (BB/DB/KB)


Accumulate 2MIN OH Hold (BB/DB/KB)

MODs: DB/KB/BB can be used here. For the rowing element of tabata: if you don’t have a machine, do :20 of cardio of choice.

Friday 12/11

8MIN Ladder

1 Dip, 1 Toes to Bar/Ring or Weighted sit-up

2 Dip, 2 Toes to Bar/Ring or Weighted sit-up

3 Dip, 3 Toes to Bar/Ring or Weighted sit-up

……keep adding a rep until time is up



3 Rounds

500m Row/Ski

12 Deadlifts

21 Box Jumps

MODs: You can use a box, chair or step for the dips on Part 1. For Part 2, 500M is about 2/2:30MINs long so if you choose to run go 1MIN out, 1MIN back or insert any cardio of choice here for 2ish minutes. Step-Ups can be done instead of box jumps. If you don’t have anything to even step to, squats can be done and/or lunges.

Saturday 12/12


Sunday 12/13


:30 on / :30 off

Hang Power Snatch

Pick a weight you can move the entire :30



2 Single Arm Devils Press

2 Burpee Pull-Ups

100m Sprint

4 Single Arm Devils Press

4 Burpee Pull-Ups

100m Sprint

*add 2 reps each round

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