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Workouts for 7/26 - 8/1

Monday 7/26


Min 1: 200 M Sprint

Min 2: 50-80 Double Unders (athletes choice)

Min 3: 20 Box Jumps

Min 4: 1 Round of Dumbbell DT

Min 5: Rest

1 Round of Dumbbell DT:

9 DB Hang Cleans

6 DB Shoulder to Overhead

Goal is to maintain a consistent pace throughout the workout, hitting the same amount of reps within the minute. Reduce the reps only if necessary to maintain this. You get out what you put into today’s workout.

MODS: Lower Reps (i.e. DT 9-6-3)

Jump Rope (80-100 Single Unders)

Lower Meters (i.e. 100m)

Tuesday 7/27

For Completion

50 Med Ball Sit-Ups

5 Pull-Ups

50 Air Squats

40 Med Ball Sit-Ups

4 Pull-Ups

40 Air Squats

30 Med Ball Sit-Ups

3 Pull-Ups

30 Air Squats

20 Med Ball Sit-Ups

2 Pull-Ups

20 Air Squats

Wednesday 7/28

Option 1:

15MINS to work towards a heavy 3

Hang Power Cleans

Option 2:


Max Hang Power Cleans


10 Rounds

3 Hang Clean & Jerks

3 Burpees over the bar


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

Thursday 7/29

“White” (35MIN Cap)

5 Rounds For Time

3 Rope Climbs

10 Toes-to-Bars

21 Overhead Walking Lunges 45|25 lb plate

400 meter Run

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ashley White, 24, of Alliance, OH, assigned to the 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, North Carolina National Guard, based in Goldsboro, NC, died on October 22, 2011 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device.

She is survived by her husband Captain Jason Stumpf, her parents Robert and Deborah, brother Josh, and sister Brittney.

“White” was the first CrossFit female Hero WOD.

MODS: Rope Up/Downs

Toes-to-KB > Leg Raises

BW Walking Lunges

Friday 7/30

Gymnastic Weakness Volume Training

2-3 Reps on the minute for 12 mins


“KettleBell Nicole”

Amrap 20 mins of

400 M Run

Max KB swings

Score by total swings

Saturday 7/31

9AM - Coaches Choice

Sunday 8/1

Work to a heavy set of 3

Front Squat


5 Rounds For Time:

12 Thrusters

200m Sprint

*Rest 1 minute between rounds.

(no more than 75/55# if using BB)

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