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Workouts for 9/21 - 9/27

Monday 9/21

15 MINS for Quality (3-5 sets)

8 DB/KB Split Squats (per side)

10 DB/KB Step Ups (per side) > DB/KB Front Squats

12 SL Glute Bridges (per side)

:30 Wall Sit > Bottom of Squat hold

*Rest 1-2 Mins between sets*


“Interrupted Annie”


Double Unders 


*E3MOM (starting at the 0:00 MIN)

15/10 Cals or 200m run

Tuesday 9/22

20 MIN Ascending Ladder 


KB/DB Snatch + OH Lunge (R)

KB/DB Snatch + OH Lunge (L)

KB/DB Squat + S2OH (R)

KB/DB Squat + S2OH (L)

(Optional: 200m effort between rounds)


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

Wednesday 9/23

EMOM30 (:50 work :10 transition)

MIN1: Max Cals 

MIN2: Max Push-Ups

MIN3: Max Double Unders or Single Unders 

MIN4: Max Pull-ups > Ring Rows

MIN5: Rest


4 MIN Max Hollow Hold

*every time you break the hold do 10 Alt. Single Leg V-Ups

Thursday 9/24

15 MINS for Quality

Repeating Descending Ladder

Turkish Get-Up

3-2-1 (per side) 

*ascending in weight*



15 Single Arm Russian Swings

9 Straight Leg no arm assist Turkish Sit Up (R)

(Mod to TGU Sit-Up)

(Mod using no weight)

*switch sides each round*

Friday 9/25

18 MIN

0:00 - 10:00

3 Rounds 

10 Burpee Pull-Ups

15 Box Jumps

20 Wall Balls 


Flat Loop

In Remaining Time:

Max Clean & Jerks 

Saturday 9/26

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice 

Sunday 9/27

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice

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