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Workouts for 9/28 - 10/4

Monday 9/28


16 DB Snatches (8/8)

16 Goblet Squats

200m Sprint effort

*Rest 1 MIN*


“Black Jack” (21)

20 Push-ups + 1 Sit-up

19 Push-ups + 2 Sit-up

18 Push-ups + 3 Sit-up

17 Push-ups + 4 Sit-up

16 Push-ups + 5 Sit-up




1 Push-up + 20 Sit-ups

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: 200m effort is equal to about 1MIN. If you cannot run or don’t have access to a machine, you can do :30 out, :30 in effort or choose a cardio replacement of choice.

Tuesday 9/29

Buy-In: Hill Loop > Row 1000M > AD 100 Cals


6 Rounds of:

5 Scotty Bobs

10 DB Box Step ups (Rack Position)

15 Sit-Ups

Cash-Out: Reverse Hill Loop > Row 1000M > AD 100 Cals

*30 Min Cap*

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Modify the Buy-In and Cash-Out cardio portions with a 5-6 MIN cardio replacement of your choice. If you have availability to run, think of 3 minutes out, 3 minutes back in. Or do a 2 round circuit of 3 types of cardio elements @ 1 MIN each: Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Mtn. Climbers, etc. at the beginning and end of this workout.

Wednesday 9/30

20 MINS for Quality

Work towards a heavy set of 3 Deadlifts

*Between sets complete 10 weighted glute bridges with plate*

Resting intuitively throughout the 20 MINS


Ascending/Descending Ladder




Burpees over the bar

How it works…..1 DL, 10 Burpees, 2 DL, 9 Burps, etc.

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Deadlifts can be KBs/DBs, etc. and Burpees can be modified to just Standard Burpees or Plank Burpees versus over an object. This is meant to be FAST so we’ll dial back the weight for part 2 significantly. As always, prioritize form over weight, especially on fast finishers.

Thursday 10/1

3-5 MIN Movement Review/Warm up to weight

20 MIN Ladder for Quality


Power Clean > Hang Clean

Front Squat

After each round:

(0:00-10:00) 200m Run/Row/Ski

(10:00-20:00) 400m Run/Row/Ski

MODS for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: Clean/Front Squats: DB/KB can be used for the cleans. You can also do a ½ KB Headcutter for these as well (Clean + Front Squat). This complex can also be done single side as well if you have limited equipment on zoom/outdoors. If doing single side do the reps on both sides, then run/row/ski.


Core Circuit - Coaches Choice

Friday 10/2


KB Swings

After each round:

10 Single Arm DB Push Press (per side)

100m Off Set Carry (1 Overhead, 1 Racked) switch sides as needed


MODs for Zoom/Outdoor/Otherwise: 100m is about a :30-45 second effort out and back. You can do plank hold for that amount of time or other type of hold if you do not have access to 100m where you are.

Saturday 10/3

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice

Sunday 10/4

8AM at Stage Fort Park - Coaches Choice

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